Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look Mom, No Training Wheels!

He did it!!! After about 15 minutes fumbling with trying to ride his new "big boy" bike with training wheels, Ori said, "I'm ready to take these things off." A running push from Mommy and he was off. Yep, that easy! After about an hour he was getting himself started and riding like a pro. Amazing! I definitely credit the balance bike for his ease in making this transition. Oh that, and some motivation from seeing his buddy Kai riding his bike without training wheels. Go Kai! The best part of the whole experience was watching Ori's face light up and hear him say, "I'm so happy of myself"-his exact words. Check him out.


  1. We'll be tackling the City in no time!

  2. dickie...no you won't! scare the cr@# out of me! yay for ori....super dude! next year, the car keys! nana

  3. He can be an inspiration to his other friends now! GO Ori!